Virginia Casper

Artist Statement

I worked with rich materials since childhood using paint, clay and as a teenager experimented with stone. I have returned to making art after 40 years of a career as a developmental psychologist. Disappearing for hours into this work parallels a similar lapse of time I experienced being with babies and toddlers in my professional career with children and families.

Since returning to art I have studied at the Art Students League in New York City with Bruce Dorfman, and the Woodstock School of Art, with Meredith Rosier and Robert Ohnigian. Returning to artistic expression after so long, I found myself wanting to work simply. In these submitted works I have created my own papers using acrylic and watercolor paints. I then tear and re-assemble them in a painterly manner in overlapping planes. Once glued, I make marks using charcoal and/or water soluble crayons to emphasize the tensions within. The Troubles and Perturbations series make use of ledger sheets from the early 1950’s that my father used to keep tract of work expenditures. I modulate space, line and color to evoke movement related to the unspoken anxieties of living during this particular period of history.

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