Tracy Leavitt

Artist Statement

TRACY LEAVITT - Artist Statement - 4/13/2023

Using a variety of media, my current body of work is taking on a new form that I’ve begun thinking of as “expanded painting”. It most often starts on the wall and somewhere in the process, it starts to move off into the air or onto the floor, often incorporating sculptural elements. The struggle that I’m beginning to understand is how the concept dances back and forth between the various images or objects as it develops. The materials I use seem to enter into a visual conversation, each of them feeding the others until they know each other well. My process involves a meditative practice in the form of mark-making or repetitive material preparation that guides me into the place of not-knowing. I’ve learned to trust that the process will result in work that I’ve been longing to make and in that - the work reflects the practice and the practice reveals itself in the work. It is often self-referential, but it is created out of concern for right-action, and esteem for the heart and the spirit of all humanity and the earth.

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