Tom Zatar Kay

Artist Statement


"Tom Zatar Kay is an artist that throws paint against a canvas. The art lies in the various actions that he utilizes when creating a work of art. A strong thrust will create on impression on the canvas while a flickof the fingers produces another, and this provides on point of view in art. My sentiment is that he records a memory of that moment in his life. By examining one of his paintings, you can envision the motions that he used. In this way, the audience can imaine a timeline of his activity.

Through analysis of the layers of paint, the observer may establish what the very first stroke without ever knowing for certain. With more attention, patterns begin to emerge, and the viewer becomes engaged in the work.

Some critics argue against his methods, but he creates art in a way that resonates with his style and ideas. Art that lacks a unique voice, style, and conviction often ends up being dirivative of another artists' work.

Zatar has the benefit of letting the audience unravel his art over time since most artwork is static."

By Kevin Ure excerpted form his book "Elements of Music Composition"

"Under black light it will explode!... This is Jackson Pollock gone wild." - Art Auctioneer Barry Cherwin - Past President of the New York City Auctioneers Association

Abstract Expressionist "Splatter King"

"Evokes a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness"

Silent Space Gallery "The art at Silent Space Gallery can be a bit challenging to look at. An exhibit by Woodstock artist Tom Zatar Kay for instance, used black light and spinning Day-Glo painting to transform the gallery into a psychedelic experience that was definitely interesting" - Insider's Guide to the Hudson River Valley

"Multi-media artist Tom Zatar Kay studied at Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) with the Godfather of video art Nam June Paik. He’s worked with many renowned video artists such as Bill Viola, John Sanborn and others. Was one of the first Video DJ spinning custom made contemporary Video Art music. The videos were using two different video artists intermixed to the beat of the music – First shown at Hurrah the first video nightclub in New York City. He produced the only performance art video with Jean-Michel Basquiat. His band ZATARS is widely recongnized as a leader in electronic dance music EDM and Space Music. His paintings have won the prestigious People Choice Award at the Woodstock Artist Association and he has published over 25 art related books – prose and poetry.

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