Suzanne Parker

Artist Statement

Suzanne Parker: Artist Statement
Three themes have played throughout my life informing my art: humor, process, and food. I use humor to cope with adversity, to make social connections, express my ideas, and when necessary, as a weapon. I have always been attracted to process in the form of taking up various artisanal pursuits including fiber arts, stained glass, and mosaics. I often incorporate acrylic photo transfers in my work as a form of pseudo encaustic. Food is both an act of crafting for me and a more intellectual activity expressed in my food writing, but always done with humor.
I began unconsciously, and now with intent, to incorporate these aspects of myself into my work. I aspire to have my art be part of the visual tradition of satire and social commentary. I employ a spectrum of materials and techniques. I gravitate towards the time ravaged and damaged products of nature—weathered wood, rusted metal pitons, which also represent how humans have used, and more often than not, abused nature. My reclaimed wood mostly comes from pallets used to transport rocks destined for construction projects. If there is an opportunity to include food, I’ll never pass it up.

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