Shelley Parriott

Artist Statement

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Interesting and engaging, these innovative ten foot high transparencies transform space and put on a show.

Site-specific installations, composed of individual units of perforated heavy-gauge industrial aluminum are structurally sound although they appear illusory. Viewers actually become participants as they can walk into and through the sculpture’s transparent overlapping layers. Moving through time and space they experience the installation from the inside looking out, or the outside looking in. They are connected to each other, to the art, to fields of color, and to nature as the environment is seen THROUGH the perforations.

Constantly changing patterns and optical illusions are discovered as sheer layers play in changing light. The installation, composed of individual units of perforated heavy-gauge aluminum is structurally sound although it appears illusory. As light passes through the transparency of the sculpture, the atmosphere shifts; shapes that at first glance appear to be solid and corporeal now elude definition. Mysterious shimmering nuances seem to appear/disappear, and take on an airy quality not usually associated with structurally sound large-scale sculpture.

Shelley Parriott’s Color Field Sculpture® installations have been exhibited and collected in her native New York City, throughout the Hudson Valley of New York, the USA and Europe. She has received numerous honors and awards. Her solo exhibition of multiple large-scale sculptural installations inaugurated the ‘Plein Air’ Gallery at The Coral Springs Museum of Art, Coral Springs, Florida, where radiant ‘Color Fields’ were inspired by the luminous Florida sky. Parriott is currently represented at the Venice Bienale, Italy 2022.

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