Robin Adler

Artist Statement

In my painting, I explore the boundless energy of the human spirit.

Our ability to perceive often escapes awareness. We perceive before we know we have done so. We take in vast, even discordant, pieces of information when we look at anything. I strive to honor our innately human gift of perception by capturing and transcribing our experience in a form that is emerging, changing, unnameable, always growing.

I work intuitively, meaning my brush strokes are rapid and gestural, I use scratches and squiggles to suggest tempo and rhythm. My work expresses feeling and tone associated with movement, growth, relationships, and metamorphosis.

As a woman and painter, who also works as a psychotherapist, I seek to uncover and capture feelings associated with experience. In my work as a therapist, and too as a painter, I seek to identify feeling in its most raw, unfiltered state. In doing so we might understand more clearly the origins of emotion as well as the source of their creation, their beauty, and our shared humanity and sense of connection.

In bringing color and form to the canvas, the artist invariably invites dialogue. My hope is that the viewer and the painting find commonality that extends both beneath and beyond language.

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