RF Woodstock

Artist Statement

Richard's artistic approach is unique. He draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, seeking to capture and enhance the essence of what he has perceived beyond the naked eye. By leveraging his past psychedelic experiences, he explores ways to recreate those vivid and awe-inspiring images using accessible tools like his smartphone and basic editing software.

His choice of base images—sun, moon, water in its various states, and natural elements like windows, rocks, and mountains—indicates a profound connection to nature and a desire to blend different elements to create striking compositions. He combines these elements to produce digital artwork that potentially transcends the ordinary and reveals unseen dimensions of the natural world.

His artistic journey is a unique fusion of technology, creativity, and personal experience, allowing him to express the beauty and wonder he perceives in the world around him. His work offers viewers a glimpse into a visually stunning and ethereal realm that's both rooted in reality and influenced by his imaginative interpretations.

Please enjoy my efforts and comments are welcome. rfwoodstock@gmail.com

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