Regina Quinn

Artist Statement

Radiant edges of day, veiled in mystery, quiet as a held breath, yet energized by the tensions between shifting darkness and light—these are my inspirations.

Rooted in my deep connection to the natural world, my paintings are an expression of my love and sense of stewardship for the fragile balance that allows life to thrive on this planet. Frequently featuring the northern landscape at the edges of day, rarely based on specific locations, my work is a synthesis of experiences, observations, imperfect memories. My paintings invite viewers to stay closely connected to the natural world and, thus, to all living things and to one another.

I begin with a watercolor base on a gessoed panel over which I build layers of encaustics, and then carve and scratch into the wax with blades to create depth and texture. Next, I apply India inks and oils blended with beeswax, enhancing color and luminosity. The process of layering and scraping back allows earlier layers to emerge, as geological and weathering processes obscure and expose, and as visual memories come into focus even as they fade away.

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