Nansi T. Lent

Artist Statement

Through my abstract asemic artwork, I explore the power of illegible text as a universal language that transcends linguistic boundaries. In a world where words can often divide, I seek to create a visual tapestry of shared emotions and experiences that may resonate with viewers, regardless of their cultural or linguistic background.

Within my paintings the illegible script becomes a conduit for the unspeakable, the intangible and the entanglements of mind. It reflects the human condition, representing the thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears that are inherent to our existence. These emotions are not bound by language; they are the threads that connect us all as individuals navigating the complexities of life.

I invite viewers to embrace the mystery and embrace their own interpretations. The ambiguity of the script becomes a catalyst for personal introspection, allowing individuals to project their own experiences onto the work. In this way, each viewer becomes an active participant, co-creating the narrative woven within the strokes and curves of the marks, symbols, colors, counting and illegible text.

Through my artistic process, I aim to evoke a sense of unity and empathy. By emphasizing that the emotions expressed though the writing are shared experiences, I challenge the notions of cultural and linguistic barriers that often separate us. In a world divided by language and geography, my painting serves as a reminder that the fundamental aspects of human experience connect us all, regardless of where we stand on this vast planet.

Ultimately, my art is an invitation to embrace the poetry of our shared humanity, to recognize the universality of our emotions, and to celebrate the threads of connection that bind us together. Through the ruminating rhythm and enigmatic presence of illegible symbols and text, I aspire to evoke a sense of resonance, fostering a collective journey of self-reflection, understanding and unity.

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