Laurie Felber

Artist Statement

During this time of the current world wide Covid 19 pandemic, my mother Jeanne passed away, though not by the virus itself, but by ovarian cancer at the age of 93. Due to the lockdown to keep the Covid 19 from spreading, I dealt with my grief by reviewing the photographs, and the writings of my mother. They brought back to me the stories of the women on the French side of my family. It is a story of sadness, early deaths and a woman who moved to a country across the ocean with an American husband and baby in 1927. She would forge a new path for her and her American family, despite the hardships of the Great Depression which wreaked havoc on the world economies .

My art is in honor of the many women who stayed strong through a time whose voices of its women were muted. Especially during during this era in history which included the pandemic of 1918, World War 1 and later the Great Depression.

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