Artist Statement

My work and my life lately have been all about LETTING GO. It has taken me quite a while to color outside the lines, so to speak. Drawing on my archive of historic prints and original designs, I started collaging. Experimentation led to a series that used patterns, ephemera and my own photographs. I turned to abstraction and let feelings and inspiration come from within. I like to keep a sense of play. It’s liberating to give shapes, lines and color free rein. They begin to have a dialogue and it’s a process of discovery to move from one area, reacting to another until rhythm and composition reach a point of harmony. I scrape the paint away as well as adding so eventually a history of surface appears. I am using fragments and fabrics on my canvas as part of the story. I have not let go of my love of wallpapers and they continue to find their way into most of my mixed-media work.

Contact: or 845-706-7060
Studio visits are available upon request.

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