Ken Tannenbaum

Artist Statement

I often look into the question, “What are they thinking?”  Sometimes humor ushers the way.  Some images are orchestrated, some the result of lying in wait. What assignation I make comes more as I view a print, when abstractions take on a tale I feel was worthy of the telling.  It’s as if I’m thinking about it for the very first time; precious moments indeed. 

The most stimulating thing for me is the diversity of how I see and the often unexpected result.  It’s exciting to engender an idea, see it take shape, often taking on another identity.  I love the mechanics, invention, process and developing narrative.  Sometimes I use myself as subject, after all, I know what I’d like to say.  But so often it’s a matter of luck and circumstance (the reason to carry a camera).  Mostly, my images are straightforward, but interpretations may vary.

In 2012, I was cajoled into joining ten other photographers in documenting the Saugerties July 4th Parade, each from a unique perspective.  That experience engendered critical and enduring friendships.  Our exhibition at SPAF in 2013 signaled my debut.  It was there that I made my first sale, like taking candy from a baby 1200 pound gorilla.  

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