Kathy Yacoe

Artist Statement

I create paintings, collages and assemblages that represent fragments of time and place. All of my work refers to an implied larger world existing outside of the picture frame. The totality of the universe is reflected in individual fragments of time and space and I would like my images to act as a testimony to this mysterious interrelation of all things. I am searching for a visual equivalent for the frozen moment of time that is timeless and the vivid iconographic image, which cannot be forgotten. The individual works may represent sudden emotion or memory, fragments of landscapes or artifacts from an earlier era.

While hiking or traveling, I have photographed many subjects including sunlight falling upon a pile of rocks, a small section of pebbles in a mountain stream, and a crumpled copper bowl lying outside the ruin of a grand hotel, which I stumbled upon in the woods. These and other images are the basis of my paintings and collages, each representing an image seen out of its larger context as well as an abstract statement of color and form.

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