Kathleen McGuiness

Artist Statement

Kathleen McGuiness Born in Albany, New York 1947. Kathleen as a young artist with an immense craving and passion for life, made her way to New York City’s Lower East Side, in the early 60's, where she continued to find inspiration. Primarily self-taught, choosing her mentors, her travels within the States and abroad ultimately enriched and strengthened her pieces that evoke a surrealist and impressionistic point of view although she remarks when asked her style of painting, that her art speaks for itself. McGuiness’ first show in Woodstock, New York supported by Edwardo Chavez in her mid- 20s proved itself as a success. With a well-received show the artist chose to settle in Woodstock to raise her family from sales of her work and began teaching classes for the community in her home studio.

Kathleen’s paintings have received critical acclaim over the years, garnering both the Critic’s and People’s Choice Awards from the Woodstock Artist Association. Her work has been shown all over New York, including the Albany Institute of Art, the Agora Gallery in Soho, Van Buren Gallery in New Paltz, Hasbrouck House in Stoneridge, Hawthorne Gallery in Woodstock, Windham Fine Arts, and several private collectors along the east coast. Most recently, Kathleen’s work was on view at both the Lotus Gallery, Woodstock and the Wired Gallery, High Falls. McGuiness chooses to sell her work on a more personal level of exchange, time-payments; making her work more accessible to the public. Any interest in purchasing a work will be more personal and affordable. Inquiry to arrange appointment, woodstockartist@hvc.rr.com

McGuiness continues to live in the Woodstock area and considers herself to be constantly growing and evolving which is apparent throughout her work. The artist chooses to paint in an active life like studio, she finds it essential for her work to be surrounded by her students and loved ones, in turn producing pieces that absorb and reflect the energy of their environments. McGuiness claims there are no finished works and that in actuality all of her pieces, although unique, are all interconnected and related. They are all a part of her story. Life changes in a heartbeat; expressing this is essential to ones own creativity.

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