K. Velis Turan

Artist Statement

My mixed-media textile pieces are derived from my interest in life around us in general particular. Shapes, colors, reflections and the effects of shadow and light are how I see the world. I employ graphic forms, I refine the core of my subject and omit all unessential elements to uncover its underlying character.

I apply different textile design techniques to my fabrics using textile dyes and paints. My creative process becomes a dialogue between actual images and the result I want to express. I employ surface design and mixed media techniques such as screen printing, painting, discharging, photo transfer, stitching and embellishing into and onto my surfaces.

The “thread stokes” or quilting stitches (stitching into three or more layers of fabric) that I work into my pieces further complete the transformation of the cloth into a unified work of art. I quilt with free-motion machine and hand quilted stitches into each piece. The stitch patterns and thread colors add levels of involvement to each piece and create a variety of textures.

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