Gülnar Babayeva

Artist Statement

The subject matter of Gülnar’s ceramic sculptures are human figures or fragments, encompassed in a world of feelings, emotions, and storylines. To her it’s a continuous, unhurried and intimate way of understanding and processing of what it is to be embodied, as multitudes of consciousness encapsulated in human form with an underlying emotional resistance to change, and driven by pursuit for anchored harmony. She sees the context her sculptures find themselves as an attempt to grasp, analyze and accept the variety of realities, private or collective, we share and/or are all-consumed by routinely. For her this has become a form of self-care and a healing practice.

She believes in the healing power of the arts, because with the help of creative explorations we can manifest the unprocessed and unknown into an observable matter so our conscious mind, the agitator, can process and move on. Making the invisible visible or perceivable is a starting point for healing. Gülnar hopes with her work she can shed light to self-love, self-care and self-healing practices like solitude, acceptance, rest & quietude, which she experienced on a personal level that lead to subjective revelations and clarity.

Gülnar is repeatedly inspired by classical & contemporary figurative sculptures; their mastery of precision, materials and surface treatments are continuously alluring to her. She started experimenting with metallic & patina inspired finishes on her ceramic sculptures, and the results have been rather enchanting to her senses, and she hopes the viewers can experience that visual journey with her.

Themes she finds captivating are consciousness & dreams, human & vessel forms, solitude vs loneliness, healing practices, open spaces and light, music and emotionally bonding experiences. Gülnar continuously seeks for ways to inspect and express those concepts through her art.

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