Gülnar Babayeva

Artist Statement

The body of work from my current portfolio, figurative and portrait sculptures, convey subtle reflection on my process of transformation, catalyzed during 2020. The subject matter of my art – human figures or fragments – sculpted from live observation of models [mostly pre-pandemic], are encompassed in a world of feelings, emotions, or storylines. The context my sculptures find themselves in is an attempt to grasp, analyze and accept the variety of realities, perceived as private or collective, real or imaginary. These sculptures emanate emotional & narrative components that unfold during my interaction with them, while going through a personal metamorphosis full of contemplation. This process has turned into a form of self-care & self-healing practice while dwelling in solitude.

Being repeatedly inspired by classical & contemporary figurative sculptures, especially their mastery of precision, materials and surface treatments has led to exploration of metallic patina finishes on ceramic sculptures. I am experimenting with surface finishes inspired by bronze sculptures and the variety of metallic patina options. I utilize artist grade acrylic & metallic paints, mixing them up for custom patina effects; lastly, incorporating various coloured stain wax polish for desired surface finishes. The results are enchanting to my senses, and I deeply hope the viewer can experience this visual journey.

Themes that captivate my awareness are dreams & consciousness, human & vessel forms, solitude vs. loneliness, healing practices, open spaces and light, music and emotionally bonding experiences. I continuously look for ways to inspect and express those concepts through my artistic exploration.

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