Gertrude Abramson

Artist Statement

ARTIST STATEMENT: for collages

My work space is covered with fragments of things from the past and present. Images connect to moments in time, to things half forgotten, to dreams and future fantasies. I tramp through chaos, noises, smells, joys and fears…I work on…something catches my eye. I stare beyond the image, to its time and space. I place it where it pulls me. I change it, relocate, reconnect and before me a new reality emerges. It has its own life now, and if it works…I’m caught in the snare of conclusion.

ARTIST STATEMENT: for painting

I sit in front of a person, flower or landscape and wait for a connection. It’s like falling in love, allowing the “other” to move into my breath and through my hands. When this happens I am led by the desire to somehow find the way to mark this

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