Eileen Power

Artist Statement

Eileen Power is an artist.

She has no credentials to back this up; she was born this way.

Artist Statement

There is magic in manifesting ideas.

I love the process of making art - of turning something upside down and inside out - of trying variations on the same theme. I love exploring the many possibilities of an image or a technique.

I love a good line.

I love color, but I also appreciate the absence of color.

I try to retain a childlike innocence - a “what would happen if…” frame of mind. My goal is to remain open to as many possibilities and mediums as possible…to “show up” and see what happens.

I am attracted to art that evokes a visceral response. I love to feel the “energy of the thing”, whether it is through line, form, or color. Ultimately, I am fascinated by the inexplicable nature of the process of making and responding to art.

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