E S DeSanna

Artist Statement

There has never been an alternative to creative living for me. I can’t remember a time when I was not involved in creative activity. As a child, I always had to be making something, whether cardboard sculpture, or painting, drawing, or creating clothes for my dolls or myself.
My primary medium now is pastel, and I prefer to work “en plein air”. I am fortunate to live in the beautiful Hudson Valley at the edge of the Catskills where I find an everchanging vastness of light and color to meditate upon, and to try to capture on paper. I love to explore my surroundings, and record my reactions to time and place. I paint outdoors to force concentration, to achieve a rapid, lucid response to the parameters set by the changing light... I sometimes travel to distant locales, paints in hand, to use the novelty of location to insist on a more intense concentration. A change of scene sharpens my vision and forces extreme focus. But every outing is an adventure. Atmosphere and light effect a mood and sense of place that I try to capture in my work. Even the most familiar site can be especially alluring in certain weather or light conditions. I believe it is important to record the rural areas of my world as both an inspiration and a reminder to appreciate and preserve the beauty of nature.

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