Dean Goldberg

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

After decades as a writer/director in both film and television, I’ve landed in the place which I am most happy. My love for film and photography has always revolved around light; how it’s used, what it says, as in the emotion that reflects in someone’s eye from an unknown source. My love for story comes from my own writing, published, produced, as well as unpublished work in progress.

The Framing History series began when I decided to use Hudson Valley artists as “actors” in my Mise-en-scenes.

Kristallnacht is the third of the series—the fourth, The Assassination of Leon Trotsky, with artist Norm Magnusson, was about to shoot when Covid came down upon us.

The Night of the Broken Glass
November 9th 1938 was one of the three days of destruction waged upon the Jews by the Nazis.
It was known as “The Night of the Broken Glass.” It was the beginning of the end for over six million by the time WWII ended.

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