Dan Goldman

Artist Statement

Through photography and the arts, I have traveled widely, and from this experience, gained insight into other people's lives, cultures and an appreciation for multiculturalism in a global society."

My art practice began in my early twenties when I immersed myself in photography and art history. My early landscape and nature photographs echo the work of modernists Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, Alfred Stieglitz, and Minor White. They were all in their own way responsible for establishing photography as an art form. As a commercial advertising photographer, I was best known for my lighting and still-life images, creating advertising photographs for various national and international clients.

Over time I formed a not-for-profit, Loma Kachi, in support of First Nations people. My photography changed as well, and I began to create images in a more reportage style. Last year I began the Icon series which reflected on life on First Nations land. From this body of work came my most recent photographs in support of migrant workers. taking aim at current social, and political issues disabling America.

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