Annie-hannah Mancini

Artist Statement

Conglomerates: An Archive of Past Multi-Media Works
This exhibition depicts 2- and 3-D works on handmade papers, framed collage images, and mini sculptures composed of feathers, things and other things.
These pasted, glued and stitched and otherwise nondescript objects became, when completed, engaging stories, alluring images and, I think, just plane cool.
Some works are long gone after years of moving around; some are in pieces under my work station in my studio waiting to be resurrected; some became cards and some, I believe, are living happily on someones wall - somewhere.
Most of them are small 5"x7"s; the framed works measuring up to 18"x 24"
I am very pleased to present these works from my slide and digital archive...and I feel good about seeing them live together in one space.
Click of the image to enlarge - Enjoy.

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